Connie Szeflinski
6472 Jib Court
Boulder, Colorado 80301

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To provide engineering documentation, technical communications and marketing support for a software/firmware development project.



For the past 26 years I have been involved in a variety of software/hardware projects - design, development and support. I work directly as part of the development team to help create detailed, accurate specifications and to ensure that those specifications meet the marketing requirements. If required, I also provide end user manuals and online help. In addition, I can provide marketing support in the way of brochures, news letters, white papers and web site design and content. I am a self-starter and require very little direct supervision to meet my deadlines. 

I am familiar with many word processors, desktop publishing systems and text formatting and markup languages including HTML.  I have developed documentation directly from code written in C, C++, Visual Basic, PASCAL, IBM BAL and 8088/86 Assembler.

I am experienced with many word processors, desktop publishing systems, text formatting and markup languages and graphics packages including, but not limited to; MS-Word, FrameMaker, TROF, GML, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, CorelDraw, Visio, PhotoShop, RoboHelp, HelpBreeze, JavaHelp and HTML Help Workshop. I also edit HTML and other markup languages directly using an ACSII editor. This helps to ensure the final product is exactly what my clients want regardless of which browser is used to view the pages. I have developed documentation directly from code written in Java, C, C++, Visual Basic, PASCAL, IBM BAL and 8088/86 Assembler..


Work History

6/1993–present           Independent Consultant     Boulder, CO

Consulting Writer


2/1988–4/90 & 9/90–6/93      Phoenix Technologies, LTD    San Jose, CA

Consulting Technical Writer

  • Responsible for engineering documentation (design specs and theory of operations) and external functional specifications for a variety of firmware projects, including system BIOS, video BIOS, keyboard controllers and power management.

  • Created user documents and on-line help for Phoenix power management applications.

  • Produced data sheets, product proposals, news letters, customer questionnaires, requirements statements and customer news bulletins for marketing.

  • Worked with the hardware group to develop functional specifications for Micro Channel and Standard AT compatible designs based on a variety of chipsets.


4/1990–9/90                Seagate Technology     Scotts Valley,  CA

Senior Advisory Engineer

  • Worked with hardware and software engineers on the ATA and SCSI interface specifications for peripheral devices.

  • Produced the ST21/22 Controller Product Manual.


4/1984–2/88                Western Digital Corporation (previously ViaNetix)    Boulder, CO

Associate Software Engineer

  • Responsible for all of the engineering specifications for a large DOS based network.

  • Designed key portions of the ViaNet user interface.

  • Developed procedures for internal and external documentation and software distribution.

  • Wrote portions of the sample C code included in the Application Designer's Reference for the DOS and UNIX network programs.


8/1977–4/84                Storage Technology     Louisville, CO

Senior Technical Writer

  • Responsible for development, marketing and end user documentation for a variety of projects including the Virtual Storage Subsystem (VSS, implemented as an MVS subsystem), Optical Disk device and 8650 Disk drives.

  • Created a set of Waterloo Script macros and an interface to a Xerox 9700 printer to help standardize the print format for STC publications

  • I came up through the ranks at Storage Technology, beginning as a Computer Operator for Engineering (IBM 370 145 and 3031 running VS1, MVS and VM).  I moved to a technical writing position after three years in the computer room (best education I've ever had).


5/1970–7/77                Various

  • Patent Operations Assistant - 5/1976–7/77 IBM, Boulder, CO.  General legal secretarial work plus patent search for chemical processes relevant to the Xerox suit.

  • Reporter - 9/1975–2/76 New Brunswick Spokesman, New Brunswick, NJ.  Public affairs reporter for small weekly.  Also, typesetting, past-up and layout and some ad makeup.

  • Substitute Teacher - 1972–75 (intermittent) New Brunswick School System, New Brunswick, NJ.

  • Scientific Aid - 5/1970–9/70, 5/71–12/71 and 5/72–12/72 USAEC, New Brunswick, NJ.  Glove box work with plutonium and uranium.  Prepared samples for isotopic analysis by mass spectrograph.  Prepared uranium standards from black oxide and other general lab work.



University of Colorado     Boulder, CO

  • B.S. Journalism May 1975.

  • Graduate work as staff writer for the CU Working Press, 1978

  • Continue to take advantage of technical seminars and classes to keep my skills fresh.



Live music of all kinds (from rock & roll to opera and other classical), river rafting, snorkeling, my pets (especially dog agility), computers and the Internet.