Corrina Notes

These folded mini-note cards are just a tad larger than business cards.  They measure  (2.25" x 3.5").  Ideal for thank you notes and gift tags. 

I call the currently available foursome the "puppy pack".  The images are photographs of a young Portuguese Water Dog in a retriever cut.  A set of eight includes two each of the images shown below plus envelopes.  The Images are printed on the face of the cards with  a small white border.  The inside of the card is blank unless you choose to add custom text (see below for customization details).

Note: The images below are copyrighted by Cozmic Creations.  The display resolution for the images  below has been reduced in an attempt to thwart image theft.

card1.gif (22103 bytes) card2.gif (25976 bytes)
card3.gif (17417 bytes) card4.gif (20991 bytes)

Customization Available

These cards can be customized with up to six lines of text on the inside (below the fold).  Blank lines may be used for spacing (see samples).  All lines except the first are printed in 10 pt text.   Please limit 10 pt text lines to 40 characters and spaces per line.  You may choose a san-serif (Helvetica) or serif (Times-Roman) font shown below.  The size of the first line may be up to 14 pt as shown in the samples below (character limit depends on point size selected for this line).  Note the images below are not actual size, but the scaling (text to card space) is correct.  Space is provided on the order form for customization instructions.

notesample1.gif (2387 bytes)notesample2.gif (2326 bytes)

Photo Customization is available by special order.  Create your own note cards using your own photographs.  There is a minimum $50 setup fee for this service.   Please inquire via email for details.

Cards and Envelopes: $4.00 for 8 cards and envelopes
Cards Only: $6.00 for 16 cards (no envelopes)
Text Customization: $11 for a set of 16 cards with custom text  (no envelopes).  Price includes the custom text setup and the first 16 cards.  Additional sets of 16 with the same custom text are available for $7.50 per set.   (Envelopes for customized cards are available at $2.00 for 16.  You may only order as many envelopes as you order custom cards.)

Note:  Order as many customized cards as you need in a single order.  Since we do not store customization information, re-orders are the same as new orders and the full $11 will be charged for the first 16 cards.

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Luxo Tee Shirt/Sweat Shirt

The shirt is hand dyed a rich emerald green.  The picture of a young Portuguese Water Dog (lion cut) is centered on the front surrounded by a yellow halo.  This is a wonderful shirt for anyone who loves Portuguese Water Dogs.  Available as a long sleeved tee or sweat shirt in Men's (unisex) sizes.

luxoshirt.jpg (82915 bytes)

Detail of image:

luxoimage.jpg (56978 bytes)

Price:  $35 for long sleeved tee shirt (M, L or XL)
             $45 for sweat shirt (M, L or XL)

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PWD Agility Blues - Rayon Blouse

This scoop neck rayon blouse is just a little "classier" than a knit cotton tee.  Since all dying is done by hand, no two are exactly alike.  The images below provide a good idea of what yours will look like.  Of course, the "splatter" pattern will be different for each one.  It is designed to fit most people within each size range.  Offered in Medium, X-Large and 2X-L women's sizes.  (Note, my Corrina was the model for this one too).

agility_blues.jpg (77579 bytes)

Detail of Portuguese Water Dog jumping through hoop..

agility_blues_closeup.jpg (26606 bytes)

Price:  $40 for the blouse (M, XL or 2-XL)

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Jump Corrina! -  Notch-neck Tee

Hand dyed fuchsia or turquoise with a jumping Portuguese Water Dog above the left breast pocket area (there is no actual pocket, so use your imagination).  This notch-neck 3/4 sleeved rib knit tee is very flattering and comfortable.  Show off your style and love for Portuguese Water Dogs and Agility.  Women's sizes.

Note:  If you want the shirt without the jumping Portuguese Water Dog, please indicate this when you order.  The price stays the same, but some folks may just want a plain shirt (If anything in these colors can be called "plain").

notch.jpg (107751 bytes)

Detail of jumping Portuguese Water Dog.

jump.jpg (33959 bytes)

Price:  $35 for the shirt (M, L or XL)

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Hand Made PWD Jewelry

I made myself a little silver necklace and everyone tells me I should be selling it... so here it is along with a few other PWD items.  Everything is hand cut, so each little dog has a bit of its own personality.  The dog in each piece is just a hair over one inch tall (top of head to bottom of front paws) and a bit more than that in length.  I hope to have a few more items in this line in the not too distant future.  But for now, if you want to be the first with one of these unique items, order soon. 

Note: I have one or two (at most) of each of these items.   If I sell out of stock on hand, I'll make more but it will take time.

Silver Necklace

This item is hand cut in sterling silver with a satin finish on a 15" silver chain.  The lobster clasp allows you to wear this at the full 15 inches or to shorten as you wish.   This necklace is also available with a lion clip, please see  Tack Pins for a photo of the lion clipped dog.

silver_pwd2.jpg (31997 bytes)

Price: $80

Silver & Turquoise Necklace

This special version of the silver necklace is the same sterling silver PWD as above, but on a 13.5 inch long single strand of turquoise chips with a lobster clasp and 2 inch silver chain extension for adjustment.  I really like the way it looks and I'm hoping you do too.   This necklace is also available with a lion clip, please see  Tack Pins for a photo of the lion clipped dog.

turq2.jpg (113003 bytes)  turq2detail.jpg (55425 bytes) 

Price: $115

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Tack Pins

Made from the same pattern as the necklaces (above), these pins have a tack back for use on multiple layers or thicker fabric like your winter wool coat.  Offered in Brass or Copper.   (note, the copper bends easily and should not be worn where it will be subject to a lot of stress)

tack.jpg (43454 bytes)
Copper Retriever
liontack.jpg (43454 bytes)
Brass Lion

Price:  Specify lion or retriever for brass.   Copper only available as retriever.
             $55 (brass or copper)

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"Cutout" Brooch

Not one to waste much, I decided to find a use for the "negative" images left after cutting out the PWDs for the necklaces and tack pins above.   The result is shown below.  I like it so much I'm wondering which is really the "left over"... the positive or negative image.  In any case, these pins look great on sweaters, vests and coats.  Available in brass or sterling, they're a bit heavy for light clothing.  I'd like to offer this in copper as well, but the copper is  too soft to stand on its own as open work. 

Note:  Not all of the dogs in these pins face the same way since imperfections in the metal determine which side i select as the "finished side".  If you have a preference, please ask.  If i have it in stock, no extra charge.  If you really one one way or the other and i don't have it in stock there will be a $5 custom charge and a slight delay in shipping since i will have to make it "on the spot".

brass pin.jpg (51310 bytes)
Brass Retriever
silver pin.jpg (50297 bytes)
Sterling Retriever
brass_lion_pin.jpg (53841 bytes)
Brass Lion

Price:  Please specify lion or retriever plus sterling or brass
             Sterling Sliver $65
             Brass $60

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Puppy Paw Earrings

Sterling silver and turquoise earrings.  The ear studs have a 4mm turquoise cabochon and the puppy paw charm drop is about 13mm in height.  Total length of earings about one inch.  Very cute.

ppearrings.jpg (11868 bytes)

Price: $20

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Cozmic Confetti - Unique Jewelry

These pieces are all similar but no two are exactly the same.  Made from silver, turquoise and other natural stones, fresh water pearls, crystal and glass beads and more, they provide a lighthearted fun accessory for everything from jeans and tee shirts to business and evening attire.

Note: I will try to keep the photos up to date so you will receive the piece you see on this page when you order.  However, if two people order the same piece before I have a chance to update the photos,  I will   let you know  as soon as possible and provide a photo of the currently available item if you aren't willing to take one without seeing it first (they will all be very similar, I promise).


The necklace is 12 inches long (24 inch circumference) with a 1.5 inch drop.  There are two currently available, be sure and specify Necklace 1 or Necklace 2 when ordering

necklace.jpg (118861 bytes)   necklace_detail.jpg (176360 bytes) 

              Necklace 1                                                 Necklace 1 Detail

necklace2.jpg (94536 bytes)    necklace_detail2.jpg (114744 bytes)

              Necklace 2                                                 Necklace 2 Detail

Price: $75

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The watch case holds a Japanese-made quality watch movement that runs with a standard watch battery (included).  The long watch bracelet is about 8 inches long and fits medium large to large wrists.  The short bracelet is 7 inches long and fits small to medium wrists.  Note, I have a 6.25 inch wrist and the 7 inch band fits about right.  The measurements are approximate and do not include the length of the toggle clasp.  If you need one shorter or longer, please email me and I can custom make one for you. 

Long Watch Bracelet (8")

watch8.jpg (78349 bytes)

Short Watch Bracelet (7")

watch7.jpg (69840 bytes)

Price: $135

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Simple but special, these earrings are approximately one inch long not including the hook.  (Note, the hooks are Sterling Silver)

Crystal & Sterling Silver Earrings

xtal.jpg (25935 bytes)

Price: $25

Crystal, Sterling Silver & Fresh Water Pearl Earrings

xtal_pearl.jpg (38588 bytes)

Price: $30

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