Life At Home (pre-Luxo)

We live in Boulder Colorado which is a pretty nice place for a dog.   I have a nice yard, although i wish it was a little bigger.  My humans like to take road trips, so i've been some neat places already.

Me & Heidi

Here's a couple of pictures of the two of us in February, 2000.   Heidi left us in August.

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My Favourite Things

Here's me doing two of my favourite things... sitting in Hale's lap and playing fetch in the yard. 

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I have other favourite things too, like taking walks over to the lakes.  My mom and my brother (Phoebe and Sailor) came to visit in September of 2000 and we hung out in the yard, in the house and took our humans over to the lakes and to the park near Grandma's place... all without ever having to get into a car.

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My Human Relatives

It seems i've inherited some relatives from my humans.  Here's one of me with my uncle Frank and one of all of "the Szeflinskis".  (Note, i'm told that i'm a Szeflinski too, but that Hale and Luxo are named Landis.  I cannot figure out these human naming rituals at all).

P000866.jpg (177827 bytes)   P000969.jpg (202624 bytes)

Helping Out

I love to help with the chores.  Here's some pictures to prove it.  I'm helping sweep the snow off of the deck and i'm helping mom clean shrimp.

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